The Hidden City of Warlocks

The Hidden City of Warlocks


Hidden in some kind of refuge from time, these warlocks decided to lock down themselves on a secret place, The Magic City Demona.

We don’t know exactly when this city was build.
But it must have been centuries ago.

The ancients used their mighty magical power to control the lava down there. With the help of their loyal trolls, they somehow build this city.

A city only for serving one goal: The investigation of the magic in our world Tibia!

Warlocks’ goal is to research into the magic web of our world and to control it, so they can finally reach their purpose: the immortality.

But before they could start with the research, the ancients had many problems to solve.

In the beginning, the ancients lived in total isolation.

They thought, that they could survive down there without any contact to the outside world.

But after some years they realised that they weren’t able to cast enough food and water for all warlocks.

They also realised, that it was necessary to be under the free sky to cast some spells (Like the spell “Path of the Stars”, that only works if the caster can see the stars in the night).

So they made a direct tunnel to the surface. All seem to work well. But after some years new problems appeared.

Wild monsters and human adventurers found the tunnel from Demona to the surface and tried to conquer the city.

The walocks had many ideas. But the best was to create a giant maze.

They would know the right way but their enemies would have to search for months and maybe they would starve or go back to the surface and never come back.

So the works on the maze began.

With their mighty magic abilities and the help of their new friends, a tribe of trolls, their could create the maze within one month!

After it was finished nearly nobody found out the way to the city. The few who found it were killed by the inhabitants.

They even hired some mercenaries too, and paid them good for protecting parts of the maze against enemies.

And thats how it was for centuries until today.
The warlocks could make their researches in silence and without fear of an attack.

One day they will reach our main goal. And then they won’t have to fear anyone.

What secrets do the secret libraries hide?

The warlocks are well known for their investigation about the nature of this world, some of their most famous books will drown you in a world of magic and witchcraft!

The power of the Talons, written by Doneos

The Talons are the most mysterious gems that we know of. We don’t know much yet, but we are working on it.

Fact is, that each Talon contains a mighty magical power inside. We must only find a way to set this power free and more important to control this power so that we can use it for our purposes.

Recently, a fellow warlock found out, that you can release the power through lava.
Yet, we havent found out how to control this released power.

How to control the lava, by Jonea, ancient council of the warlocks

The lava was since the beginning our friend.
We always possessed the power to “talk” to the lava and to form/move it for our purposes.
But this ritual requires complete concentration and only with many warlocks it was possible to build this city out of the lava.

Here is how it works:

*The rest sheets of the book were pulled out.*

And our favorite one!

1001 ways to use energy beams, written by Hrmumundus Grofrukle

*After reading the whole book (which takes you almost an hour) you suffer from headaches. You remember only one thing and have to laugh as the memory returns. It’s the 647th. way to use an energy beam: a venerable wizard who grills meat with his deadly spell.*

The warlocks also have an own teleport system called The Magic Web, as explained by Zuania on a book from the city’s library. We also do know about a warlock called Gargail, who wrote lots of maps with the routes in red lines and golden points.

A teleportation through the magic web, written by Zuania

I was one of the first who was allowed to teleport through the magic web.

I could easily open the gate with the power of my will. But after I was in the magic web I lost control. So I came out near Carlin although I wanted to come out near the east gate of Thais.
All others made the same experience.

It went all so quickly when I was in the magic web. I could only see a red light and some other gates far away for some seconds. And then I was already in Carlin.
Maybe one day we can just teleport into the magic web and stay there. I would love to investigate it.

We talked to Eremo the Sage, inhabitant of a little island between Edron and Cormaya, alleged ex-Warlock as the people of Edron says.

Eremo the Sage

I love to visit Demona’s Library, this is such a lovely place for learning, as a Sage I need an update every so often, I don’t want to catch rust!