Tales of the Past: The Minotaur Mage Trap Reaping Havoc

It was around somewhere near that latter half of the first decade of Tibia where the game started to mature into what it is today. The game had plenty of level 100s, even some above level 200, and the Tibian economy and society was vibrant and rich.

However, it was also a time in which some game weaknesses could be exploited quite easily.

It may not have been nice, nor polite, but I made the most of it as a young teenager who had grown to love the game.

In the swamps between Venore and the ancient Dwarven Bridge, a minotaur mage lived that could be lured close to the bridge. I used it plenty of times to get some free loot from tired players coming back from their hunt.

Using the greed of players to punish them

This minotaur mage could easily be trapped by simply using some chests, crates and flowers that you could carry there. It would be on the other side of a swamp, but within shooting range of the roadside.

During these days, barely anyone carried any runes that could be used from distance, while spells like Exori Vis could only be cast right in front of you.

For most players, there was no way to kill the minotaur mage

Plenty of players would make the commute between the cities on the mainland, many of which fell victim to my trap.

Please don’t steal!

This is where my hunting ground was. It wasn’t particularly rich in experience per hour, but I did make an awful good profit there.

I would run around on my level 30 knight, pushing an almost empty backpack around. Whenever a player entered my screen, I would pretend to run away from him, making it look like I had some valuables in the backpack.

In truth, the backpack was filled with some bags. Whenever a player would get close enough to the backpack to open it, he would not have the time to check these bags and simply assume it had something of value there.

I used their curiosity and greed to slowly lure them to their grave.

East of the dwarven bridge, my trap was set up. Throughs were trashed with rubbish, to make it look like you could walk on them.

In reality, there was only one entrance to my trap and they would run right into it to fetch the backpack I accidentally threw close to the swamp.

Learrn tha secrret uf deathhh!

As they would run into the trap, I would step into the only entrance, with trash behind me as well, making it impossible for them to push me out.

Here, the minotaur mage would start shooting it’s energy fields and missiles.

Knights were the best target, not having any distance weapons on them. Paladins I would ignore, as they would certainly be able to kill the mage.

Still, sorcerers and druids would usually have no means to kill the mage either. There, in my trap, they would slowly get shot to death. Of course, they could push away the trash to reveal the through, which they could push away, but most of the time their panic did not allow them to think clear.

Because keep in mind, you did lose an awful lot when dying during these times.

As evil as I was, I often told them to pay a piece of equipment in exchange for their freedom. Of course, they never got free and I just made a bigger profit.

Incredible richness – for the time

On average I would only loot about 500 gps worth of equipment and items from the players. It’s nothing you’d fight for in recent years, but it was a welcome amount of money in those times.

Sometimes you’d get lucky. I remember looting boots of haste and a dragon scale mail from a level 45 knight. I could not be happier.

I would also loot lots of wands and rods, which had just been introduced maybe a year or two before. At that time, they could not reach the minotaur mage, so were useless.

A bad person? Maybe..

Of course, many people lured giant spiders during these days and made traps like I did. It wasn’t accepted however, and I remember being visited by a Gamemaster quite regularly.

Luckily, every single time I had just moved away or was simply not working on the trap, which did not give the Gamemaster any proof of me making the trap.

At some point I had to cease all operations, because it became clear that one particular Gamemaster (Lyin’ Eyes) was shadowing me while being invisible.

Was I a bad person doing this? Maybe, but it was also part of the game. I also used the greed of other players to kill them. In the end, they were trying to steal my ‘lootbag’, but I stole theirs instead.

To but it bluntly: no regrets.