Tales of the Past: Orshabaal Putting a World Upside Down

If you played during the first decade of Tibia, you have probably witnessed the rise of Orshabaal: the first of the demon bosses to surface Tibia. Introduced in the summer of 2005, he would run havoc in the fields north of Edron and kill tens, if not hundreds of brave players before being slain himself.

Although nowadays Orshabaal is killed within seconds without any casualties, he is probably still the most famous demon, especially among older players. I was there during one of his first appearances and yes, I did die, as did many others.

This is my experience with Orshabaal in late 2005.

Orshabaal is about to make his way into the mortal realm. Run for your lives!

Although normally residing deep underneath the old Edron hero cave, every now and then Orshabaal surfaces to establish his dominance on the island of Edron.

I remember seeing the message being broadcasted during a late afternoon. Obviously, the Game-Chat exploded with excitement, but also fear.

We hade seen the old Tibicams where Orshabaal would run loose and kill practically any player on sight. He was first seen during late august, but only killed for the first time a couple of weeks later on Titania, where the might Thunder Hammer was also looted.

Although scared to lose my progress at the tender level of 46 and, more importantly, losing my precious boots of haste, my curiosity got the better of me and I ventured out to Edron to see Orshabaal with my own eyes.


A better player than myself blocking Orshabaal.


Well, that was a mistake

Having looted an energy ring from the dragon lord that I killed earlier for fun, I felt relatively comfortable venturing through the mountain north of Edron, enroute to what can only be described as Death Valley.

Slowly making my way through the fields and forests, bodies scattered the floor and I was lucky enough to loot a wand or two from deceased sorcerers.

I had no idea where he was, I only knew that none of the higher levels had truly organised something to slay Orshabaal. At some point, I saw his scream to my north west, outside the screen.


Well, I was doomed, I just didn’t know it yet. Curious as I was, I slowly walked in his direction. I bought a few magic walls that could hopefully block him off if he came for me, giving me some precious seconds to get the hell out of there.

But panic struck

Walking further over bodies and loot that was abandoned, I finally saw him. The big red bastard had two demons with him. I was surprised, but really, I could have expected it.

He darted to me like a greyhound, although in reality he probably wasn’t that fast, I was just frozen. I shot a magic wall in front of me, but in my panic move I missed the right spot, which still provided him with a path directly towards me.

With his first ultimate explosion he decimated my magic shield, which I had carefully held up all that time.

I ran back, as fast as I could, hitting red hp twice. In the split second before my death I grew confident: I had survived so far and I was only a low level.

Then, I made the mistake of walking right in front of him, almost taunting him.

He shot an energy beam and that was that: I was dead. Hardly unexpected, but definitely not less painful. Hours and hours worth of hunting were instantly gone.

Worst of all, my boots of haste did not come to the Thais temple with me, but lay there in the field, waiting to be picked up by Orshabaal’s next victim.

A lot of deaths and no prize

Of course, I was one of many players that had died by the hands of the demonlord. My world proofed to be too weak to slay him.

The higher levels managed to trap him near the east river, where players on the other side would shoot sudden death runes, but Orshabaal managed to escape and he never lost more than half of his hitpoints.

Still, it was a memorable experience, being killed by the infamous demon boss that would be casually be killed like a rat about ten years later.