The Pits of Inferno: before it was a 1-hour quest

The Pits of Inferno Quest has been in the game for more than 10 years, but for much longer the mysterious place has been known to the citizens of Tibia. Dozens of NPCs have a response when the Pits are mentioned, long before the present quest was implemented into the game. Although it is reasonable to think the Pits were just part of the game’s lore and the quest itself was unfinished, there are also signs that a quest area was already present long before the implementation. 

Too Long; Gotta Hunt

  • Since the start of the game, the Pits of Inferno have been mentioned in books and by NPCs
  • Arieswar and Taghor managed to find the entrance to the area
  • During a test server, Arieswar was teleported beyond the magic wall and could enter the Pits
  • As of 2006, the quest is solvable and the former area has been replaced

The Pits of Inferno: Nightmare Knights’ stronghold overrun by Ruthless Seven

According to books and NPCs, the Pits of Inferno used to be a stronghold of the legendary Nightmare Knights, that use the area as a base to fight evil from. The Knights were unsuccesful however and eventually overrun by the Ruthless Seven, a cabal of seven Demon Overlords following the orders of Zathroth.

Arieswas and Taghor, two legends of the game, were the first recorded players to discover the place.

Located deep underneath the Plains of Havoc, the Pits of Inferno could be entered from a small underground room that led into the Place of Wonders. Here, an everlasting magic wall prevents anyone from entering the now evil Pits of Inferno. In the present game, the entrance is still here and in fact has always been here.

Arieswas and Taghor, two legends of the game, were the first recorded players to discover the place. Although they managed to get far, they could not get past the magic wall. During a test server Arieswar was granted access beyond the magic wall, without receiving information on how to do this without help of teleporting Gamemasters and/or CipSoft members.

The area was since closed and finally reopened in 2006, when the modern Pits of Inferno Quest was implemented into the game.

Arieswar getting behind the magic wall during an early test server.

Transformation into the home of demons

After the Ruthless Seven managed to overtake the Pits from the Nightmare Knights, they established their own hideout. The Ruthless Seven were assisted by the Brotherhood of the Bones, the archenemies of the Nightmare Knights. The group was led by Goshnar, a former Nightmare Knight and said to be the grandfather of the much-feared Ferumbras.

Although the demons theirselves have since long departed to hide even deeper underneath Tibia, their seven thronerooms and servants persist. They also left behind some valuables which players receive in the modern quest.

The fact it took Arieswar and Taghor so long to even find the entrance of the area is telling.

For a long time the Pits of Inferno easily formed the most rough area of Tibia, with Tibians taking over 8 hours to make their way through each throneroom. Nowadays, high levels can clear these rooms with ease, justifying the decision of the Ruthless Seven to hide even deeper underneath the earth.

The original quest: was it there, or simply unfinished?

Many mysteries in the game are assumed to be either unfinished quests or simply part of the lore, which in many cases is probably accurate. This was no different more than ten years ago, when hundreds or even thousands of players tried to solve the Pits of Inferno Quest. Many assumed it was just lore, but is this actually true?

The fact it took Arieswar and Taghor so long to even find the entrance of the area is telling. The fact many quests during these days were extremely hard to solve solidifies the rumours that there was more to the area than just legends and myths.

The main room of the Pits of Inferno, where each demon overlord had its own throneroom.

Due to some bugs and glitches, players managed to find out there was in fact a large area underneath the entrance of the Pits. This is interesting, as many legendary unsolved quests do not actually have nearby areas on the map that are unreachable.

Possibly, there was a way to get past the magic wall, but simply no one managed this. Another, possibly more realistic option, is that developers started working on the quest, but decided to leave it for the time being. This would have left the map with large areas as seen under the Pits, without a way to reach this area.

Books and NPCs about the old Pits of Inferno

The Pits of Inferno were not only famous among the players in Tibia, but also the NPCs. Apart from many NPCs having something to say about the area, some books mention the evil place and archdemons. One of the books is found in the former monastery of the Nightmare Knights, near the Plains of Havoc temple. It described the fight against the Nightmare Knight-turned-evil Goshnar.

We will fight and there is just death or victory. Surrender or truce is no option! Even if the seven are on his side we will win at last and may it cost the lives of all of us! No mercy for evil! With sword and magic, with honour and virtue, for king and country!

Another book, formerly property of the Brotherhood of Bones is less cryptic and simply mentions the existence of the Pits.

The Ruthless Seven
by unknown

This confusing text seems to
describe the demonic rulers
of a place called the Pits
of Inferno.

Unfortunately we will never know whether the Pits of Inferno at one point actually had a quest area before the modern quest, as the old area has been replaced when the new quest was implemented.

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