Serpentine Tower: arguably the most famous Tibian mystery

It may be one of the most famous mysteries in the game, having puzzled many Tibians throughout the years: the Serpentine Tower in Ankrahmun. Inside Tothdral’s laboratory a vampire, behemoth, and a fire elemental are locked away. Underneath these cells, mysterious tiles can be found with many legendary and unknown items kept behind bars. Although thought to simply be a joke by CipSoft, some say the quest can in fact be solved.

Too Long; Gotta Hunt

  • The Serpentine Tower was added during the summer of 2004
  • It is perhaps the most researched Tibia mystery
  • The fire elemental has been freed, the vampire made to vanish
  • Many strange items are seen in the tower, such as the boots of waterwalking
  • With thousands of people having worked on the quest, the quest might simply not be solvable

Questionable lay-out of the building

The city of Ankrahmun was added during the summer update of 2004, corresponding with client version 7.4. This means the Serpentine Tower has been there for 13 years, but reportedly never been solved. The fairly small building, with a spiralling entrance (hence the name), seems to be a laboratory for its sole inhabitant: de mummy Tothdral.

The building has four levels. On the highest level we find a library, together with NPC Tothdral. Going down the stairs, there is a small kitchen or laboratory. Interestingly, a teleport is present, which has to be activated in order to use it. This can be done by putting a pot of water on the fire.

Interestingly, the square meter where the fire elemental is locked reveals a lever after the monster is freed.

Going through the teleport, a white pearl can be found. Another level down is where the most interesting part of the tower starts. Here we find the trapped fire elemental, vampire, and behemoth. The fire elemental can be freed by clicking a torch in the small white pearl room. Red sparkles on the player will signify a succesful release. After this, a small cloud will appear when the torch is used.

Many strange items line the lowest floor of the Serpentine Tower.

Interestingly, the square meter where the fire elemental is locked reveals a lever after the monster is freed. This lever removes four magic walls in the room below, that blocks the green djinn from the staircase area.

Down another level, we find the lowest floor that has raised the interest for the whole building most. A green djinn wanders around behind a wall of energy fields and four magic walls. He walks on tiles which we also see in many quests that teleport you to a boss or final room. Behind the green djinn in a barred area many weird items can be seen, such as boots of waterwalking, a portable hole, and carrot of doom.

In the front of the room four basins are situated, on top of which items can be placed. Some think that unknown items have to be placed on these basins on order to activate the tiles on the other side of the room.

An elaborate joke?

It is the abundance of weird objects that has raised most suspicion among Tibians. The building has all elements of a classic Tibian quest: levers, strange basins, floor tiles, and monsters guarding items. Not only this, the items shown in the room also seem a little too random and comical to be part of a serious quest.

For examle, a portable hole does not only sound weird, its sprite is also fairly questionable: a frame of the old sudden death rune animation. Other items, such as the boots of waterwalking, carrot of doom, and ring of wishes just seem too comical to actually be obtainable in the game.

Still, some other elements in the Serpentine Tower do raise the question whether it is actually just a joke by CipSoft.

The eternal question: can it be solved?

Although many parts of the Serpentine Tower seem to be a joke at first sight, there are still some parts that might point to an actual quest. One of these elements is the quest that has been solved so far: the white pearl quest. Solving the quest seems quite complex for a reward that is barely worth 300 gp.

The reward of a mere white pearl seems too little

Admittedly, many old quests are relatively hard to solve for the reward you get. Quests such as the Desert Dungeon Quest (10k and a ring of healing), Paradox Tower Quest (reward value up to about 40k), and Spike Sword Quest (imagine having to find the hidden pick hole yourself) are hardly worth it nowadays.

In that sense, it may not be suspicious that an old quest such as this one only yields a small reward. Still, a mere white pearl is worth even less than the reward of the Desert Dungeon Quest or Spike Sword Quest.

The solution to finding a white pearl is relatively complex. In addition, the reward room holds the step to the next part of the ‘quest’.

A lead in the ‘reward room’

One important distinction has to be made in the case of the Serpentine Tower: the ‘reward room’ has a clue for a follow-up quest. The torch next to the quest chest opens up the cell where the Fire Elemental resides, which in turn hides a lever with an unknown use.

As far as we can figure out at, there are not other quests out there where the reward room forms the next step in another quest. Maybe, the presence of the torch means there actually is more to the tower.

The vanishing vampire

Interestingly, sometimes the locked up vampire dissapears, seemingly out of nowhere. When gone, the cell shows to hold another lever, just like the fire elemental cell. Whereas the lever underneath the fire elemental removes the four magic walls in the room below, it is unclear what the lever underneath the vampire does.

During an earlier leak of the database of the game, it did not show to do anything in the code. Still, this leak was many years ago. Perhaps since that time the quest has changed. This is, however, pure speculation, as there are no signs that CipSoft has changed anything to the area.

In the Twitch clip below you can see the well known streamer Bubba, when the vampire is just respawning, also revealing the lever underneath the vampire.

Are we talking in circles?

Without a doubt the Serpentine Tower is one of the most famous mysteries of the game. For a good reason, because there is so obviously something special to the area. This also means that many thousands of Tibians have spent thousands upon thousands of hours on solving this quest.

Given the fact that the Serpentine Tower was already a hot topic during the hay days of Tibia, the fact nothing new has been discovered may tell us what we can or cannot expect from the tower.

Perhaps, eventhough we do not want to, we can conclude that the Serpentine Tower is indeed a joke or unsolved quest.

If so many players who have dedicated so much time to this area cannot proceed in the quest, then what are the odds that we have all missed something. And if someone did in fact solve it but told no one, what are the odds that this would be kept a secret for so long? Why would just one person be able to solve it? We have seen quite some different quests throughout the years, with Chayenne’s Key being the latest in this category.

Although it took some time, multiple seperate people have solved the quest, which has quite a complex solution. If we don’t know of anyone that has solved the Serpentine Tower, the odds are no one has actually solved it. Perhaps, eventhough we do not want to, we can conclude that the Serpentine Tower is indeed a joke or unsolved quest.