Basilisk: Kazordoon’s greatest and darkest secret

For more than seventeen years, Kazordoon’s Basilisk has puzzled thousands upon thousands of Tibians on all worlds. The mythological snake monster is located deep underneath Kazordoon in a seemingly unreachable cave. Although no successful attempts to reach the NPC have been recorded, some say the Basilisk is connected to a quest with a legendary reward. explores the secret caves and legends of Kazordoon to find out more about this mysterious NPC.

Too Long; Gotta Hunt

  • Whereas many NPCs and monsters with duplicate sprites have received their own sprites, the Basilisk has remained a ‘snake’ for decades.
  • Emperor Kruzak says the cave is sealed, but also provides a reward for the hero that kills the Basilisk
  • The relatively new NPC Malech has found eggs in the mines that may be the Basilisk’s
  • A scroll in the Maze of Lost Souls mentions a flute as an instrument to master snakes

The Basilisk: puzzeling Tibians for decades

As with many everlasting mysteries in Tibia, many assume that the Basilisk NPC has been put there solely to strengthen the lore surrounding the Tibian mainland. Still, some signs indicate that this NPC might in fact have a use that goes past just being there.

Various books in the Kazordoon library describe the existence and story of the Basilisk, but do they provide any clue about his function?

They might.

The most prominent book about the Basilisk is short, but leaves little to the imagination. A Dwarf miner describes his encounter with the mystical snake:

“What it was I cannot say! But its horrible! Horrible! We heard rumors of such things before but we just ignored them …Im the only survivor ..that…THING…they couldn’t move…they were helpless…oh why …what….what is that..something is coming…my feet….stone…”

How this miner managed to write down his experience so quickly while seemingly getting slaughtered by the monster is a mystery of its own, but it is safe to say this particular Basilisk does not seem friendly.

It does however seem to say that the dwarfs somehow managed to reach an area where the Basilisk could come. Does this mean the Basilisk is still reachable to this day, or can the snake squeeze through areas no human or dwarf body can?

Could we use a creature illusion to somehow reach him? It’s a question some Tibians have asked and some details possibly shew more light on it.

Players that have researched the Basilisk mention that many monsters that shared a graphic sprite with other monsters or NPCs have gotten their old sprite throughout the years. The Basilisk however, is still stuck with its not-so-scary snake sprite. Did CipSoft simply never care to change the sprite of this would-be huge snake, or is it a clue to players wanting to solve the possible quest?

Mr Basilisk, how can we reach you?

Is the Basilisk unreachable?

Looking at the cold hard facts, the Basilisk seems to be unreachable using a simple ropehole. The cave is where the Basilisk resides is located at the -8 level, which is the lowest level possible in Tibia. According to maps, there does not seem to be a ropehole in the cave itself. This means you cannot rope up into the cave and also cannot drop down into the cave, unless the cave is not meant to have a ropespot.

Still, nowadays the Tibian maps are freely downloadable. Unless these maps lack a secret cave right above the Basilisk’s cave, you cannot get in using conventional methods.

It is, however, an option that you get teleported into the room. We have seen this with many quests and as teleports do not always show on maps and we cannot see the full Basilisk cave, a teleport might be present. Even if there isn’t, in some quests you get teleported by NPCs. This is also an option with the Basilisk, so we can still not say for sure the cave is unreachable.

Emperor Kruzak giving mixed feelings

Maybe the most important figure for Kazordoon, Emperor Kruzak, gives us mixed feelings on the Basilisk. Upon mentioning the mines, the Emperor states that Basilisk has been trapped in the cave by the dwarfs, so it can no longer cause harm. This would suggest the NPC is indeed unreachable, but Kruzak also tells us something different.

The hero who brings me the body of this beast will get a great reward”

In the far past of Tibia, old players have claimed to have obtained the legendary Great Axe after solving the quest. The place where this reward was obtained has since become the Paradox Quest, a mysterious tower that has, however, been solved for ages and does not seem to be connected to the Basilisk or even Kazordoon for that matter.

Emperor Kruzak is giving us mixed signs. Can we actually interact with the Basilisk?

Game changer: NPC Malech

Basilisk in real life

Not only in Tibia the Basilisk has kept people wondering. It is also a mythical creature that has been described numerous times in Medieval stories. Some obviously as a form of fiction, others as actual accounts of sightings. Leonardo Da Vinci, among others, described the Basilisk as a fearful, undefeatable creature that can kill on sight. It is believed that cobras have been the origin of these false sightings

For the longest time players have not made any progress in the Basilisk mystery, but as of update 9.8 (Winter Update 2012), a new story has surfaced about the Basilisk. In this update, NPC Malech was added near the entrance of the mines of Kazordoon.

When asked about problems Malech makes an eerie admission about the monster.

“Our greatest fear, that the dreaded basilisk has found a way from his caves, might have come true. There are rumours about strange eggs that can be found in the caves. I really doubt that they are basilisk eggs, but the rumour persists. If you come across some strange egg at some remote place, better be safe than sorry, and destroy it.”

Although Malech himself has his doubts about the origin of the eggs, CipSoft adding new content surrounding the Basilisk is interesting. So far it is unknown what these eggs are or do. Some have mentioned these eggs simply being part of the Spring into Life world change, but this seems highly unlikely. Malech always mentions these eggs, even when the world change is not active.

Is all we need a flute?

One last major hint is located deep inside the Maze of Lost Souls. In a room full of snakes, a scroll is found that simply reads “Play a flute to master the snakes”. Ofcourse, this may simply be an easter egg referring to real-world snake masters often seen playing a flute to ‘hypnotize’ snakes, but what if it is a little less random?

We have seen more than one quest where clues reside deep inside areas you would normally not visit. Perhaps this scroll does provide a hint to a possible Basilisk quest. In any case, the flute item has been added during the same update the Basilisk was added.

In conclusion

It goes without a doubt that the Basilisk may well be a dead end, both in terms of the mines leading there and the quest itself. Still, the many references to the beast and the addition of a Malech transcript long after the initial addition of the Basilisk raise questions.

During earlier leaks, it has been proven that the Basilisk NPC did not have any responses to words, but this leak has happened many years ago and long before the 9.8 update where Malech was added.

Do you have any additions or thoughts on this story? Let us know!