Messiah: fearsome PKer of the earliest days

In the early 2000s, a character with the name “Blackd” was created on Antica, then simply called Tibia. He was a sorcerer with no big future in the world of Antica, but went on to make a name for himself on Nova. On the 19th of December, 2001, Cipsoft announced the launch of the second gameworld in Tibia: Nova. That moment, Blackd decided to create a new sorcerer in that gameworld called “Messiah”. Messian became one of the most well-known PKers of early Tibia and is still infamous for his fearless attacks on innocents.

Too Long; Gotta Hunt

  • Messiah was a high level random PKer from Nova
  • During his haydays, Messiah killed hundreds of players
  • During one battle, nearly everyone on the server targetted Messiah, but did not kill him
  • Messiah was deleted after breaking multiple rules

From helpful roleplayer to ruthless PKer

As with many of the big names of the past, Messiah was one of the highest levels of the game at the time. During the early days of Nova, he was easily one of the most powerful players on the server. Ever since the start of Nova, Daniel, the first owner of Messiah, was a very friendly player that always helped his allies in-game, he was famous in his guild for being one of the most caring and kind persons.

Messiah started killing every person that crossed his way

However, Daniel had decided to give his character to his brother, Rafael, when Messiah was around level 50. Since he got his hands on Messiah, Rafael started to gain levels until he reached level 102; which was a very high level in these times. It become apparent quickly that he was the exact opposite of his brother.

Messiah started killing every person that crossed his way: friends, guild members, casual players and those that tried to fight back. Anybody who dared to bother him, was getting killed, no matter the level.

It is said that he often let a wolf follow him while he is hunting, he said it was his “pet” and whoever dared to attack his pet was going to be killed. In that time there was no skull system yet, so people would be able to kill each other without any restrictions.

Messiah on one of his massive killing sprees in Kazordoon, with the equally well-known Zu also in the picture.

The famous battle of Nova versus Messiah

It’s been a long time since Rafael took control over Messiah and people were frightened every time they saw him near. With his traditional red outfit, just the sight of red on a character was enough to give some players a jumpscare.

After killing tens and perhaps even hundreds of players of Nova, people decided it was time to stop him. Although Messiah was a very high level and, more importantly, a skilled fighter, a large team was formed to fight him.

It became one of the most epic battles in Tibia

Long before cool downs, Messiah could cause trouble by using Ultimate Explosion multiple times in a row.

Messiah was doing his normal hunting routine, until a group of high level players started to attack him, Messiah started to defend himself by attacking them back. Two of his friends went to help him, until they realized the whole server of Nova was trying to kill them.


It became one of the most epic battles in Tibia and one that we will never see again because of the modern PVP system. Messiah managed to kill his attackers one by one. Although creeping near death on multiple occassions, they did not manage to finish him off. The battle was reminiscent of the early battle against Ferumbras, when the evil sorcerer was still controlled by a CipSoft member.

That was the end, he was unstoppable, nobody was able to kill him until CipSoft intervened.

The end of Messiah

After killing such a big amount of players in a short amount of time, CipSoft was forced to delete Messiah from Tibia due to multiple violations of the game’s terms and rules.

In an interview, Messiah stated:

“If it wasn’t for the CipSoft intervention, Messiah would have won. But CipSoft deleted him for killing thousands of players in a short period of time. He was invincible, out of law. He didn’t respect the rules of the game in any way, but they didn’t need to delete him. They did anyway”.

Although a character named Messiah currently exists on Estela, this is not the original player.

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