Lord’Paulistinha: the famous and infamous power gamer

Playing on Elera, the Brazilian Carlos Locatelli became a legend among Tibians. For many, his name may seem unfamiliar, but certainly you’ve have heard about his character name: Lord’Paulistinha, often simply called LP. Lord’Paulistinha was a true record breaker, in both a positive and negative way. He was the top level between level 348 and 467, first to break the one billion experience mark, but also the highest and first top level ever to be deleted.

Too Long; Gotta Hunt

  • Lord’Paulistinha was the first player to reach level 348 through 467
  • The account switched owners at level 186
  • He was the first knight to reach magic level 11
  • After a surprisingly open interview about the character’s history, Lord’Paulistinha got banned
  • Only two months later, the entire account was deleted on January 26th, 2011

The moment Lord’Paulistinha became the first knight to reach magic level 11.

The creation and quick sale of Lord’Paulistinha

The list Bubble, Eternal Oblivion and Mateusz Dragon Wielki is a legendary one, and Lord’Paulistinha certainly fits in this list. Lord’Paulistinha was created on Elera by a guy named Mauricio Hoffman and his friend Felipe, who both played the character.

They were regular players who played by the rules, but with time they became more and more despondent with the game. After reaching level 186, the two decided that the game no longer interested them. They decided to sell the character to a mutual, trusted friend of theirs: Carlos Locatelli.

Hardly a big name in Tibia until this point, Locatelli would change this completely.


Lord’Paulistinha: heir to Bubble, Eternal Oblivion and Mateusz Dragon Wielki

Lord’Paulistinha blocking Ferumbras. (credit: Cateroide)

With Locatelli controlling Lord’Paulistinha, the name quickly became one of the most recognized ones in Tibia. The rate at which the elite knight levelled increased at an impressive rate, quickly overtaking many of the highest levels at the time.

When Lord’Paulistinha reached level 348, he was officially the highest player ever in the game.

Becoming the top level in the game did not quench the thirst of Locatelli to keep power gaming, he managed to stay ahead of his competitors by quite some distance, being the top level all the way up to level 467. He also became the first knight ever to reach magic level 11.

When he first reached the one billion experience mark, he even temporarily broke the high score list on Tibia.com.

However, soon after reaching level 467 his luck ended and the account got deleted.

The reign of Lord’Paulistinha ends abruptly

Everything changed after an interview with the former promoted fansite TibiaBr, in which he was completely honest about his in-game experiences. On that occasion, he opened up about some polemic topics, including botting and account sharing. Coincidentally or not, a couple of days after this interview, he was banned and, about two months later, deleted.

He was the highest level so far to get deleted.

The official reason for the deletion was ‘Account Trading’ – which, according to Carlos, is ironic, since it’s possible to change the name the account is registered to. He was the highest level so far to get deleted and it was the first time a top level got a free, one-way ticket to deletera.

When asked by Cateroide whether he was impacted by the punishment, he said he was less and less excited about the game, especially because CipSoft removed the possibility of knights using Ultimate Healing Runes and the implementation of health potions.

Locatelli tried to appeal his deletion by starting a lawsuit against the CipSoft, but with no success.

The person behind Lord’Paulistinha: good guy, or not?

Contrary to what many think, Carlos was not always a cheater: he leveled it himself untill around level 300, which means that he became top player without any unnoficial software. According to a recent interview with Cateroide, Carlos also told that he was not a power abuser either and always chose to resolve the server’s problems with some kind of diplomacy – he would even pay back victims of his guildmates’ power abusing.

When he was about to reach level 300, a friend came over to his place to witness the unique moment and showed him something unnusual: a character moving around, killing monsters and looting them all by itself through a software. Carlos got quite impressed, but that wasn’t enough to get him to use it. However, after a some doubts, he began botting after level 300.

Together with his confession to buying the account in the early days of the character, this ultimately led to his permanent deletion.

Nowadays, Carlos is a truck driver and still talks about the game sometimes, but has no intention of playing again.