Bubble: the first power gamer of Tibia

In the very early days of Tibia, players from Hong Kong formed the majority. One of them was called Bubble, a knight that became the first true power gamer of the Tibia. Bubble was the first player to reach both level 100 and 200 in the entire game, before slowing down and eventually retiring on Refugia at level 273. TibiaMysteries.com delves into the early days where Bubble made a name for herself and (former Gamemaster) husband Nietzsche.

Too Long; Gotta Hunt

  • Hong Kong-based Bubble was the first player to reach level 100 and 200
  • Bubble was the first player to solve the Demon Legs Quest (although this has been disputed)
  • Her husband, Nietzsche, was one of the first Gamemasters
  • Retired, Bubble now resides on Optional PVP world Refugia

Power gaming in its purest form: Bubble

Nowadays it’s barely an achievement to reach level 100 with a month, but for years this was an achievement many players dreamed of. One of them was Hong Kong-based Bubble, that took power gaming to a different level. A long way ahead of other players she managed to reach the triple digit-level by hard labour.

She reached this level on April 23th, 2002, five years after Tibia was first created.

Bubble reaching level 100 at Venore’s Orc Fortress.

No spamming Exori and Exori Min at Sea Serpents while buying in-game money with Tibia Coins, but killing Orcs one at a time at Venore’s Orc Fortress. In the very early days Bubble managed to reach level 100 this way and was virtually invincible. Numerous attempts have been made to kill Bubble, but none succeeded during these days.

Level 100 was not enough

The moment Bubble became the first player to reach level 200 on 5 December, 2004.

Throughout the years we have seen many of the high levels retire after reaching a milestone. Up to level 600, no player has reached a level x00 milestone first more than once, except for Bubble. She was not only the first to reach level 100, but also level 200.

After reaching level 100 in early 2002, it took Bubble another 2,5 years to reach level 200 as the first ever player in the game. Although 2,5 years sounds like an eternity in the modern game, the fact that Bubble once again comfortably beat all her competitors shows how much of a power game this actually was. Bubble was now the first player to reach two major milestones in the game.

Only recently Kharsek has beaten this record by becoming the first player to reach level 700, 800, 900, 1000 and within the foreseeable future probably also 1100.

Discovery of the Demon Legs Quest

Apart from the levels, Bubble is well-known for more incredible feats. One of these is the discovery of the former Demon Legs Quest, nowadays the well-known Demon Helmet Quest. Together with Ashra, Sir Nepech, and Wintance, among others, she figured out how to open the quest area and subsequently managed to kill the quest room.

It is suspected that Bubble’s team retrieved a fair amount of Demon Legs due to a bug.


For years the majority of Tibia players hail from Sweden, Poland or Brazil, but in the very early days Hong Kong was the dominant demographic among Tibians. The small citystate was one of the first to have highspeed internet, allowing people to play online games such as Tibia. Both Bubble and Nietzsche are from Hong Kong, as well as many of her friends.

Interestingly, at this point quest boxes did not exist as we know them today. Quests had daily, monthly or even yearly spawns. This meant that only one person of the team could take the Demon Legs, which of course was Bubble herself.

Although the quest was supposed to have a six month spawn, it turned out to be daily. It is suspected that Bubble’s team retrieved a fair amount of Demon Legs this way, some of which survived all the way to the present day. As far as is known, no punishment was dealt, which explains the existence of more than a few Demon Legs in the old days.

A note has to be made, as it has been disputed that Bubble’s team was the first to finish the quest. Others mention Nobemel, Lightbringer and others as the first team to finish the quest and find the legs. According to these stories, they did not find out that it was a daily spawn however.

Criticism: unfair advantage?

As with all high level players, Bubble was not a saint to the whole community. She has been accused account sharing and gaining an unfair advantage because of her husband Nietzsche, one of the early-day Gamemasters of the Tibia. Gamemasters were able to teleport to specific locations and subsequently teleport other players to that location. Rumours have persisted that Nietzsche discovered many hidden parts of the map using this power, which Bubble benefited from.

Although Bubble owns many very rare items, this is hardly surprising given her early dominance in the game.

This has, however, never been proven. Although Bubble owns many very rare items, this is hardly surprising given her early dominance in the game. Many old items have become extremely rare throughout the years and Bubble was realisitically the first player that could finish quests holding powerful items.

Still, the accussations led to a peculiar moment on an early test server, where many players chased Bubble and eventually trapped her in the Edron library, where she miraculously survived, despite being attacked massively.


Despite being trapped by a large group, Bubble managed to survive until being saved by friends.

Fleeing from Antica and retiring on Refugia

When Bubble started playing Tibia, the only world available was Antica, then simply called ‘Tibia’. Throughout the years many more worlds have emerged and in 2010 Bubble decided to make a move to Refugia, together with many of her friends, including husband Nietzsche.

During this time, Antica was war-thorn and a hostile place for many high levels, especially the big names such as Bubble. On Refugia (Optional PVP), Bubble joined the guild Amicitia Semper Prodest, an old guild with many well-known players from the old days. Most came from Antica, but players from Secura, Premia, Nova and Refugia itself also make up the core of the guild.

As of today, Bubble has fully retired and not logged on for more than two years. Luckily she has left us with great stories, pictures and even videos like the one below.