The magnificent Rose Shield: relic of the past

During the early days of the game, the gods of Tibia decided to reward the oldest guilds that existed at that point: the Mercenarys, the Red Rose and Krael, a guild that no long exists. Each guild could design their own items. The Mercenarys and Kreal designed their own shield, the Red Rose designed a Rose Shield and Rose Armor.

Too Long; Gotta Hunt

  • The Rose Shield was a gift from the gods to the Red Rose guild
  • Two other ancient guilds received items, but these have since been changed into other items
  • It is thought that as of 2018, five Rose Shields still exist, all on Antica
  • Some shields have dissapeared due to the deletion of inactive accounts

A priceless gift to an ancient guild

The guild system as we know it today was introduced in 2002, but long before this groups of players already formed unofficial guilds. On February 18th, guilds could officially be formed and both the Mercenarys and Red Rose were founded.

The three guilds were given the opportunity to design their own items, as described in the introduction of this article.

It is not known how many Mercenary Shields, Krael Shields en Rose Amors were created, but the figure was likely close to the amount of Rose Shields created, around ten in total. Furthermore, the Red Rose and Mercenarys had their own guildhalls in Fibula: the Mercenary Tower and the Guildhall of the Red Rose.

As these two guilds still exist on Antica to this day, they still own these guildhalls almost two decades after that were added to the game.

For a long time, the Rose Shield was exhibited on the balcony of the guildhall, but as of 2018 this is no longer the case. The Mercenary Tower still holds a Griffin Shield in a treasure room, reminiscent of the old Mercenary Shield.

red rose guild

The Guildhall of the Red Rose is still owned by the Red Rose guild on Antica.

Protests and subsequent removal of unique items – but for the Rose Shield

Although times were different when the Rose Shield was awarded, many players felt it was unfair that these three guilds received unique items just for existing long enough.

At first CipSoft did not respond to these protests, but three out of the four unique guild items were changed into other items in the early 2000s. The Mercenary Shield became the Griffin Shield, the Kreal Shield the Ancient Shield and the Rose Armor the Noble Armor.

To this day however, the Rose Shield remains as a unique and unobtainable item in the game.

During the early days, the Rose Shield held the letters “RR”

The only original item that remains to this day is the Rose Shield. It is unknown why CipSoft decided to change the other thee items in regular items, but no the Rose Shield.

A small change was made however. During the early days, the Rose Shield held the letters “RR”, short for Red Rose. These were removed when the other unique guild items were changed. By doing this, CipSoft detached the shield from the guild, but did not remove the item all together.

Some argue that the decision to remove the letters, but not the item itself, means there is something more going on about the Rose Shield. All unique guild items were changed into items that became obtainable, two of which from a quest.

Some say the Rose Shield can also be obtained from a quest, most likely located on the mainland of Tibia.

An old picture of the Guildhall of the Red Rose with a Rose Shield, still bearing the letters “RR”.

Is it possible that the Rose Shield is obtainable?

Realistically, however, it seems unlikely that the Rose Shield is obtainable in any way. If a quest for the Rose Shield exists, it would have likely been added to the game around the same time as the Ancient Shield, Noble Armor and Griffin Shield were added to the game.

This means in about 15 years time, no one has found this quest.

Given the fact many thousands of players have searched for mysteries throughout the years, an old quest like this still not being discovered does not seem realistic.

On of the current owners of a Rose Shield: Halfhigh.

Current owners of the Rose Shield

As the Red Rose guild is extremely old, many of these old players have since left the game. With them, Rose Shields have unfortunately dissapeared, but also passed on to other members. In the past year, two individual Rose Shields have been showcased on Antica.

One by Halfhigh, one of the oldest members of the guild, joining Red Rose around 2001. Another Rose Shield is shown on top of Sheepyy’s house, a well-known rares collector and former Red Rose member. Halfhigh is the owner of his shield, whereas Sheepyy is displaying the shield of an old Red Rose member called MacGyver.

Atleast two shields have been deleted by inactivity, while the status of two more shields is unclear

Atleast three more shields are thought to exist on Antica. One is owned by Sir Balder, who is inactive as of 2018. Another shield is owned by Octavian, who is also inactive.

A fifth Rose Shield is owned by Beowulf, another retired player who is also known for being the first player to live in Stonehome.

Atleast two shields have been deleted by inactivity, while the status of two more shields is unclear. These two shields might be catching dust in the depot of an old Red Rose member, but may also have been long deleted from inactivity.


Special thanks go out to Halfhigh, for providing with an incredible amount of information and for taking the time to create a screenshot for us.