The legendary Warlord Sword: what does the Sweaty Cyclops hide?

It’s one of the most famous swords of the game and also one of the most rare items in the whole game. The powerful Warlord Sword is said to only have one copy. One of the game’s legends, Taghor, displayed the sword during the famed Tibianiac exposition. It is said that atleast one of the weapon still exists on Antica, but it has not been openly displayed for years. Possibly, the Warlord Sword is obtainable and the Sweaty Cyclops in Ab’Dendriel seems to play a role in this quest.

Too Long; Gotta Hunt

  • The first Warlord Sword was auctioned by a Tibia God, but subsequently deleted
  • The second Warlord Sword was found on Rookgaard due to a bug and also deleted
  • In 2011, the Warlord Sword was succesfully auctioned by an anonymous player and reportedly sold for 200kk
  • It is highly unlikely that the Sweaty Cyclops is related to the sword, but it may still be obtainable

Collectors of Tibia have been looking for the Warlord Sword for years upon years, mostly without success. The last recorded sale was six years ago in 2011, when the buyer paid around 200kk for the weapon, the equivalent of about 1450kk in the modern game. In 2016 a player called Dyl offered the sword for sale again and stated he sold the sword to an anonymous buyer. This has never been confirmed, however.

The Warlord Sword being shown during the famed Tibianic exposition on Antica.

Origins of the legendary Warlord Sword

Many stories exist about the Warlord Sword, but many have been debunked as myths. Two stories about the weapon seem to be true, but curiously, in both cases the Sword is said to be deleted.

Auction by the Gods

The first story about the Warlord Sword tells about an auction held by one of the Gods in the very early days of Tibia. Although unknown which God is being talked about, it is said that he auctioned the weapon to the highest bidder. This bidder made a bid of 300 stacks of diamonds, or in other words, 30.000 diamonds. This would mean the weapon was sold for about 9kk, an incredible fortune during these days.

Durin, one of the leading developers and founders of Tibia found out about the auction and deleted the depot of the buyer.

During this time it was common practice to use diamonds as a currency, as only gold coins existed and platinum and crystal coins were only implemented during the Winter Update of 2000.

Durin, one of the leading developers and founders of Tibia found out about the auction and deleted the depot of the buyer. The exact reason for this is unknown. Some say this was because the auction was not allowed, but another explanation often given is that Durin suspected the buyer to have abused bugs to get this many diamonds in the early game.

Warlord Sword on Rookgaard

The second story about the Warlord Sword is even more peculiar. It is said the sword was found in the Minotaur Hell of Rookgaard, just laying there on the ground. A new player picked it up and subsequently sold it to a more experienced player, not aware of the value of the sword.

As this was clearly a bugged appearance of the sword, word quickly got out and Guido deleted the sword from the game.

But how can the Sword still exist?

Fake, or a recent occurance of the Warlord Sword?

What is strange about these stories, is the fact that in both instances the weapon got deleted from the game. Still, it is fairly accepted that the Warlord Sword does in fact exist in Tibia to this day, possibly even two. Although the Warlord Sword was said to be sold in 2016, this has not been confirmed by third parties.

This was, however, the case in 2011, long after the initial occurances and subsequent deletions of the weapon. Respected players such as Thorngrim confirmed the seller actually owned the weapon.

The weapon seemed to appear on Fidera for a while, when a high level sorcerer called Orob (since moved to Unitera) used a Chameleon Rune on the weapon. The screenshot has not been confirmed however and it may be a fake or Test Server screenshot.

There have also been reports of the Warlord Sword being a reward during a convention.

It is unclear how this Warlord Sword got into the game. It has been said that in the past 1 million iron pieces could be swapped for a Warlord Sword with the Sweaty Cyclops, but many old players have debunked this, having tried it theirselves at the time.

There have also been reports of the Warlord Sword being a reward during a convention and to players who had greatly contributed to Tibia in the early days. Many of these stories seem to mix the Warlord Sword up with the Magic Longsword however and people have struggled to find more information about this.

Sweaty Cyclops: does he have more to hide?

The Sweaty Cyclops has been mentioned briefly earlier and with good reason. Underneath the workshop of the Cyclops, the Warlord Sword is on display between a wall of rocks. The Cyclops also responds to the words Warlord Sword:

Playerwarlord sword
A Sweaty Cyclops: Do lil’ one want to trade a warlord sword?
Player: yes
A Sweaty Cyclops: You not have stuff me want for.

This response of the Cyclops was also the origin of the myth about 1 million iron pieces, but the question is whether this is actually a quest that can be solved and if so, whether the Cyclops is the NPC to talk to.

Although the Sweaty Cyclops seems to be a likely candidate to be related to the sword, it also seems to be a bit too easy and perhaps simply a gimmick to keep Tibians wondering. This is strengthened by the fact that you can also ask him for a Sword of Valor or Fire Sword, with a response similar to that when you ask about the Warlord Sword.

On top of this, during a hack of the 7.72 client source code, the Cyclops showed to not have any hidden transcripts related to the sword. Of course, this could have since changed, the hack being a long time ago, but it does not strengthen the idea of the Cyclops being related to the quest or for that matter any other NPC.

A hidden spawn or quest?

What is left is the Warlord Sword being available from a hidden spawn or quest. As most maps seem to be fully visible and available, it is unlikely that there is a large quest area that holds the Warlord Sword, but hidden elements in the game could still hold the sword in theory.

After alot of research, however, we at TibiaMysteries have run into many dead ends concerning the Warlord Sword. Do you have more information about the Warlord Sword? Let us know!