One of the most sought-after items: the legendary Golden Helmet

One of the oldest items, but also one of the strongest items. To this day, the Golden Helmet remains the very best available helmet in the game. During the very early days, the Golden Helmet could be looted from a Dragon, making the item fairly common. After a full reset of almost all items in the game, the Golden Helmet changed into Steel Helmets and were now very difficult to loot.

Too Long; Gotta Hunt

  • In the early days, Golden Helmets could be looted from Dragons
  • After CipSoft changed these helmets in Steel Helmets, the Golden Helmet became rare
  • Galadriel was the first and only person to loot the helmet from a Deamon
  • Although this was a single spawn, duplicating exploits have lead to multiple Golden Helmets existing

From common to ultra rare

During the early days of the day, it was fairly easy to loot the Golden Helmet.

Galadriel looting the first and only legitimate Golden Helmet.

Dragons looted almost every rare item at the time, including the Magic Plate Armor, Fire Sword and Golden Helmet. This caused many low level players to own these items. This disbalanced the game, as the very best items should not be avaiable this easily.

After an update in 1997 however, it become a lot harder to find the item. Galadriel, one of the strongest players at the time, was the first to kill the single Demon (then called Daemon) in the game after the update, which was located south of Mintwallin.

Galadriel looted both the Golden Helmet and Magic Plate Armor, from this Deamon the loot turning out to be a single spawn. As far as known, this Golden Helmet still exists to this day, but it is unknown who owns it. We do know that a few helmets exist on Antica, most notably with Sir slaughter, who owns two.

It is expected that some Golden Helmets came into existance by duplicating the first helmet.

Other Golden Helmets exist on Harmonia and Garnera (formerly Shanera). The exact amount of Golden Helmets in the game remains unknown.

More than one Golden Helmet

Only one, well-documented finding of the Golden Helmet has been recorded. This being a single, unique spawn at the time, raises the question how more than one Golden Helmet can exist. By the time servers such as Nova, Premia and Secura were founded, the spawn no longer existed and the Golden Helmet was already an unobtainable item.

It is expected that some Golden Helmets came into existance by duplicating the first helmet. This happened alot in the very early days, most notably with the Magic Long Sword. Although the duplicated Magic Long Sword got deleted, many players of these days have stated that other duplicated items often stayed under the radar. This is most probably also the case for the Golden Helmet.

Galadriel and the pricy death

Player killing is at the core of Tibia. Where some players like to roleplay, others like to do quests or PK. During the early days, no skull system was in place, which made it possible to kill an infinite amount of players without serious consequences.

Galadriel was one of the victims of a particulary notorious PKers, that targeted her. Using Ice Rapiers, which at the time had an attack power of 100, they managed to kill Galadriel quite easily. To their surprise and Galadriel’s horror, they looted both the Magic Plate Armor and Golden Helmet.

Bodies scatter the crossroads of Thais, while the new owner of the golden helmet uses a chameleon rune to showcase the helmet.

This is the point that most probably resulted in multiple Golden Helmets existing, as they got a friend of theirs to secretly duplicate the helmet. Although this player got deleted by CipSoft quite quickly, some Golden Helmets had already gone to others players and still exist to this day.

Two Golden Helmets among many other rares in the house of Sheepyy, located on Antica.

No quest at all?

For many old and rare items you can atleast find some signs of a quest. We have the Sweaty Cyclops and the Warlord Sword, the Sword of Fury and Avar Tar and the Magic Longsword with references all over the game.

Ofcourse, in most cases it’s probably only lore and no real quest line exists, but for the Golden Helmet, there is not even lore.

As the Golden Helmet is known as the Helmet of the Stars, many players have searched for clues in relation the stars and planets, but with little success.

The equally mysterious Serpentine Tower might be related to stars, as Tothdral mentions astronomy and stars, but as far as known, no one has managed to solve or even progress in this quest.

This means we are left with a couple of Golden Helmet that have not been obtainable for close to twenty years now.

What do you think? Is there still a way to get a Golden Helmet? Or will there be in the future?