The world of Tibia is full of unsolved mysteries.
We take you on a journey to the mystique secret of the game.

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latest mysteries

  • Players

    Lord’Paulistinha: the famous and infamous power gamer

    Playing on Elera, the Brazilian Carlos Locatelli became a legend among Tibians. For many, his name may seem unfamiliar, but certainly you’ve have heard about his character name: Lord’Paulistinha, often simply called LP. Lord’Paulistinha was a true record breaker, in […]

  • Players

    Messiah: fearsome PKer of the earliest days

    In the early 2000s, a character with the name “Blackd” was created on Antica, then simply called Tibia. He was a sorcerer with no big future in the world of Antica, but went on to make a name for himself […]

  • Players

    Bubble: the first power gamer of Tibia

    In the very early days of Tibia, players from Hong Kong formed the majority. One of them was called Bubble, a knight that became the first true power gamer of the Tibia. Bubble was the first player to reach both level 100 and 200 in the entire game.

  • Quests

    Serpentine Tower: arguably the most famous Tibian mystery

    It may be one of the most famous mysteries in the game, having puzzled many Tibians throughout the years: the Serpentine Tower in Ankrahmun. Inside Tothdral’s laboratory a vampire, behemoth, and a fire elemental are locked away.

  • Quests

    The Pits of Inferno: before it was a 1-hour quest

    The Pits of Inferno Quest has been in the game for more than 10 years, but for much longer the mysterious place has been known to the citizens of Tibia. Dozens of NPCs have a response when the Pits are mentioned, long before the present quest was implemented into the game.

  • Quests

    Basilisk: Kazordoon’s greatest and darkest secret

    For more than seventeen years, Kazordoon’s Basilisk has puzzled thousands upon thousands of Tibians on all worlds. The mythological snake monster is located deep underneath Kazordoon in a seemingly unreachable cave.

Mystery of the Week: Rose Shield

The beautiful Rose Shield was given to the ancient Red Rose guild by the gods early on in the game. To this day, the item is unique and not obtainable. It is thought that a total of five shields still exist.


Current event: Dryad raids

It’s June, the month of flowers. You can grow many types of plans, but also kill the Dryads! These can drop the fairly rare coconut shoes.

Legendary War: Violent Saints versus Last Siege (Premia, 2009)